Randy E Brown



February 2020

Photoshoot in Harlem this winter.

Duke Farms

January 2020

Walked around Duke’s Farm while visiting home in New Jersey.

Forest Hills

January 2020

In my early twenties I learned that in New York City, if you can afford it, you can have it. In my late twenties I learned that if you cling…

Introducing The Retro

January 2020

This was originally posted on Medium A big part of Merit is stories. The story of how you got the promotion, or how you knew it was time to…

Tech jobs are growing, but careers aren’t. What’s missing?

June 2019

This was originally posted on Medium During my time building Jopwell , the thing that became clear was that as hard as organizations worked…

The Other Half of Make Something People Want

September 2018

When making a new product, the goal is to make something people want . But that sounds self-evident. Of course you want to make something…

Ditmas Park

July 2018

The first thing to know about Ditmas Park: there is no park. But if there’s any recourse, a collection of lawns in Brooklyn seems an…